Student Hospitality Job in The Hague

Are you living in The Hague and are you looking for the best paying hospitality career or student job? Go work at Local Heroes! Work at the finest high class location in The Hague to the most legendary festivals! Our experienced recruiters will be able to match the perfect location and workplace to your profile, qualifications and personal preferences.

How we work

The more experience the better the salary! So, experience pays off big time!!! With an app you can pick up shifts whenever and wherever you want! Looking for set hours and a steady workplace? Local Heroes has this on offer, at many beautiful locations in The Hague. Our experienced recruiters will be able to match the perfect location and workplace to your profile, qualifications, and personal preferences.

Gain experience, develop yourself and get all the certifications you need for FREE!
With our Local Heroes Academy program, both starters and (very) experienced hospitality / catering employees will be able to develop themselves. Through a combination of live, e-learning and on the job coaching you will gain all the experience you will ever need!!

Work hard, Play Harder
Local Heroes is home to lots of fun-loving students, hospitality professionals and internationals like yourself! We work hard and play Harder!! Company parties, barbecues, cocktail nights and even our very own party boat “the Pimpelmees” or the Booze Bird, will be part of your team member experience!

Long story short
Apply – get an invitation, tell us about your skill or ambitions, get the app, start working, enjoy great pay and loads of fun!! So, join today and (jump) start your career or student side job as a hospitality worker in The Hague.

Salary by age and experience


Zonder horeca-ervaring Met veel horeca-ervaring
Leeftijd 21+ € 14,39 € 15,41
Leeftijd 20 € 12,96 € 13,99
Leeftijd 19 € 11,57 € 12,86
Leeftijd 18 € 10,15 € 11,37
Leeftijd 17 € 8,55 € 10,50
Leeftijd 16 € 7,71 € 9,-

*salary is including vacation money
* You are only allowed to work in The Netherlands if you have an EU citizenship

Application Form

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