Application form Local Heroes

Application form Local Heroes

Application form Local Heroes

Application form Local Heroes

Join the Movement Join the fun! Work like a Hospitality Hero Play like a Super Hero!

Direct solliciteren

Become a Horeca Hero and work at fun and exciting festivals, events, parties, (beach) clubs  and (formal) functions!

You are about to join the most cheerfull and hospitable hospitality team in The Hague!
We are hiring international students and hospitality professionals. Not an expert in hospitality yet? No worries!

We host hospitality starter workshops and training programmes on our party boat “The Pimpelmees” translates to: Booze Bird 😉.. Learn how to balance a serving tray, carry tree plaits like a Waitor / waitress and…. Draught beers like a champ of course!

We also offer e-learning programmes and on the job coaching, so you will shine like a true Hospitality Hero, working at, festivals, events, (beach) clubs, formal dinners, barbecues, weddings and parties! Work at the fanciest locations, make good money and great friends at the very same time!

Sounds to good to be true? Wait till you find out what you will be earing!

  Little experience Loads of experience
Age 21+ € 13,95 € 14,97
Age 20 € 12,64 € 13,60
Age 19 € 11,60 € 12,50
Age 18 € 10,15 € 11,05
Age 17 € 8,55 € 10,06
Age 16 € 7,71 € 8,88

*salary is including vacation money
* You are only allowed to work in The Netherlands if you are an EU citizenship

All with a normal contract, getting social benefits, and not having to get a “btw” nr, register to start your own company and doing loads administrative hours. We are Local Heroes, the most cheerful and professional hospitality staffing agency you will ever join! Lots of fun / fancy shifts, all available on one app on your phone, simply pick up the shifts you are interested in and climb the hospitality side job ladder, by doing (cocktail) workshops and e-learning programmes to further develop your hospitality skills.

#work like a Hero Play like a Super Hero!
We offer all in boat parties for all team members, barbecues, (cocktail) parties, team dinners and much more fun and exciting team member events, so you will meet all your fellow Heroes both at work and after! Join the movement, Join the fun!

Application form

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