Laundry Lady

We are looking to hire an experienced Laundry Lady for about 25h a week 4 to 5h a day for a private residence in a well off family in Amsterdam.

Are you; passionate about laundry, able to make some small adjustments to damaged or stained clothes, good at separating colors, fabrics, also great at making beds. Do you understand fabrics like nobody else? Can you plan and work well together with a professional dry-cleaning service in order to get the best result? Then Say no More! You are the Laundry Lady we have been looking for!

Your Skills:

  • Helpful, you like to be there for other people.
  • Neat, clean and passionate.
  • Reliable, someone who always keeps her promises.
  • Representative, you always have a well-kept appearance.
  • Independent, Someone who likes to work independently.
  • Detailed, a quality over quantity person who loves to do things right.

We offer:

A very pleasant stress-free work environment, Located in Amsterdam.

Independent work but with pleasant colleagues such as the personal assistance, housekeeper, and other staff members who ensure that the entire household of the family runs smoothly and in control.

Excellent work conditions. After filling several positions within the household, we can confidently promise that this is a very warm and reliable employer, who values stability and trust within the team. Travel expenses are covered and it’s a long term position for the right candidate.

In short; a very nice job, with a great employer, where you can work as a laundry lady in a professional team that manages all household related task.

So a special shout out to moms with school going kids; do you want to drop your kid(s) off at school have a great and stress and hassle free job and be back on time to pick your kids of after the school hours are done? This job should sounds like music to your ears! Make sure to apply today!

A personal interview and screening are part of the selection procedure.

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