Welcome to Local Heroes: Your One Stop Hospitality shop!


Hospitality staff

Hospitality staff: Real Local Heroes are the product of a strong recruitment campaign, in-house training, on the job training and motivating remuneration.

Waiters and Waitresses

Hospitality staff: Our waiters and waitresses will be able to cater to your every needs. These hospitality heroes are well trained an experienced in several trades that define a good waiter.

Bar staff

Hospitality staff : Are you looking to hire a bar help of even an entire bar crew for your function party or event? Your Local Heroes will provide just that, so contact us for further details.

Kitchen staff

Hospitality staff : From dish washer or kitchen staff all the way to a professional chef. The Local Heroes will assisted you to find just the help you need.


Staff: During a function our hostesses will be the first persons that your guests see. As a true hospitality hero our hostesses will make sure your guests receive a warm and inviting welcome. And are helped on their way.

Cloakroom staff

Hospitality staff: Waiting at the cloakroom doesn't put a smile on peoples face. Your local heroes know this and make sure all of your guest receive a welcoming smile and assist the guests to hang their coats as smooth and fast as possible.

Promotional staff

Hospitality Staff: Our database is filled with Local Heroes who are able to put their spontaneity and persuasion power to work in order to promote your brand effectively.


Hospitality staff: Working with Local Heroes enables you are to benefit from our extensive network of professional chefs. Whether you are looking for someone to help you out for one or two days, or for a more permanent solution.

Party manager

Hospitality staff: Managing a party or event is a profession on its own. A well organized party manager could make a positive contribution to your event by making sure you stay in the lead at all times.

Wine waiter / sommelier

Hospitality staff: Wine will taste even better after our sommelier told you all of the details about this heavenly grape juice.


Hospitality staff: Whether you are a millionaire or you just want to feel like one for a day, our professional butlers will give you and your guests that special feeling that will give your event that distinguish touch that others only dream off.


Party Catering

Catering: Your Local Heroes have all of the ingredients needed to cater your party. Waiters, kitchen staff, the right experience and creativity to keep coming up with new ideas to make your party stand out!

Walking Dinner

Catering: If you want to cater a big group of people for a affordable price a buffet dinner is probably the solution you are looking for. Let your guests choose what they like an eat as much as they like at their own pace.

Walking diner / Fingerfood diner

Catering: A walking diner is the perfect way to mingle with all of your guests. A 8 or 9 course finger food dinner with carefully selected bites representing starters, main courses and deserts will make up for an entire meal. These handheld bites will be served to your guests so no need to sit at a table or wait in line at the buffet.

Sit-down Diners

Catering: Take a load off and enjoy the company of your guests with a sit down dinner. We will do everything within our power to make this dinner one you will never forget. Great food, lovely wine, and excellent service will definitely be some of the ingredients of this dinner.


Catering: The Local Heroes aren't only experienced barbecue professionals, we just love pretty much everything about it. From the nice outdoor vibe it brings with it, the fact we can keep coming up with new and exciting dishes, and of course that lovely flame grilled taste that unites with our food!

Private Dining

Catering: Just you, your guests and the Local Heroes. Enjoy a lovely dinner in the privacy of your own house or ask your Local Heroes for a perfect venue where you and your guests will be able to dine in private.

Chef at home

Catering: If you love having dinner parties in the comfort of your own home, but you lack time or you don’t feel like being stuck in your kitchen to serve your guest a wonderful dinner. Get yourself a Local Hero chef, who will be able to work his magic in your own kitchen.

Diner at home

Catering: Dining in the comfort of your own home? Your local heroes will make it happen. Our waiters will set your table or bring our own table(s) and tableware to make a perfect table arrangement. Our chef will work his magic to come up with a exciting menu to serve your guest.

Meeting luncheon

Catering: If Just want to order in a nice lunch, or get a entire luncheon catered. The local heroes will be the solution. We can deliver lunches or cater a entire day with breakfast, lunch, coffee, thee, fresh juice and drinks. Let your employees focus on their meeting while the Heroes cater to their needs.

High Tea

Catering: High tea at home, in your garden, at work, a nice park or another location of choice. The Local Heroes will deliver a full and complete high tea to you and your guests.


Catering: Enjoy a worry-free lunch with friends and family or with your colleagues by calling your Local Heroes. We will make sure you can relax or focus on other things while we prepare and serve you a healthy and nutritious lunch.

High wine

Catering: Do you enjoy a good glass of wine over a cup of tea? A high wine will be the answer to your (late) afternoon get together.


Party's and events

Events: Your Local Heroes like a little bit of partying themselves, and are welcomed quests when a celebration comes along. We love to help you planning and organizing the perfect party or event!


Events: A joyful occasion asks for a reception, so whatever the occasion might be, your Local Heroes will make sure drinks, bites and good service will lift everyone’s spirit.

Cocktail Party

Events: A cocktail party is a great way to celebrate a special moment. When a cocktail party is arranged the right way, the Local Heroes will get a smile on their face. We will do everything we can to give you and your guests that same special feeling.

Company party

Events: Your Local Heroes understand that all of the guests or participants to a company party should look back on a successful event. We have the creativity, the hospitality staff and the catering and entertainment needed to ensure that smile will stay on everyone’s face for a long time.


Events: Make sure your party or event will get that impact you are looking for. To ensure planning, staff catering and entertainment all goes to plan, contact your Local Heroes!

Wedding party

Events: The best day of your life just asks for the best party of your life. Your local Heroes consider it to be a privilege to be a part of that. We like to sit down and hear all about your wishes to see if we can help you realize them.

Event Planning

Events: Tap in on the network, knowledge and experience of the Local Heroes to make your event the success that you are after!

Company event

Events: Your Local Heroes understand the importance of a well planned and executed company event. We also know that you are way too busy to worry about details yourself all day. We will put all of our effort into making sure your quests will get that special smile, that only shows when good food, great entertainment, dedicated planning and excellent service meet each other.


Events: An anniversary is a very special occasion and should be treated accordingly. By hiring your Local Heroes, you will make sure of this!

Birthday Party

Events: Birthdays just ask for a good celebration. At least that’s what the Local Heroes think. If you agree, don’t waste time preparing and organizing. Just call us!

Farewell Party

Events: Farewell is such a sweet sorrow, your Local Heroes know that much. Making it fun is something we can't guarantee. Making a farewell party a party that you will never forget is something that we can do!

Wine tasting / Winequiz

Events: Drinking good wines can be a party on its own, but when your knowledge on wine, together with your tasting capabilities will get tested by our sommelier, things will get serious. Find out which one of your guests is best in tasting different flavors. We also like to combine some matching bites that will work great with the different wines.